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FireBlitz Automatic Fire Extinguisher/Suppression Unit (Various Sizes)

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These automatic suppression units are designed to protect machinery/plant and environments where there is a risk of fire. For example: in a boat or vehicle engine compartments.

These are ideal for use in sensitive locations and are a suitable option to protect high-value assets such as precious items storage, computing technology and telecommunications facilities.

This automatic extinguisher works by detecting and putting out any potential fire hazard on its own, making it an ideal solution for users who want peace of mind. The unit features a sprinkler head which allows it to reach a wider surface area when extinguishing and the unit also comes with the correct mounting bracket.

This automatic extinguisher is the equivalent to the old Halon extinguishers but it uses a clean agent that is slightly more advanced. It has been designed to not leave behind any harmful residue, resulting in an easier cleaning process after a fire. The unit required is determined by the gross volume of the compartment being covered.

Only one unit should be installed in any one area and should provide the total protection required for that area.

Suitable for use on: Class B fires: involving flammable liquids such as oil, petrol and spirits.

Class C fires: involving flammable gases (propane, butane).

Electrical fires :involving electrical equipment, for example computers and photocopiers. Being filled with gas, CO2 fire extinguishers are harmless to electrical equipment and do not leave any residue behind.

  • Clean agent gas (Halon replacement)
  • Zero o-zone depletion
  • Does not leave any harmful residue behind
  • Non-corrosive material, no thermal shock
  • Suitable for class B & C fires
  • Safe for use on electrical equipment
  • Brass valve - easy to read pressure gauge
  • Supplied with mounting bracket technical specifications
Capacity 1kg 2kg 4kg 6kg
Total Weight 2.14kg 3.60kg 6.7kg 9kg
Total Height 330mm 380mm 295mm 305mm
Total Width (including bracket) 95mm 125mm 270mm 300mm
Working Temperature -20° to +60°C -20° to +60°C -30° to +60°C -30° to +60°C
Discharge Time/Temp under 10secs @ +5°C under 10secs @ +5°C under 10secs @ +5°C

under 10secs @ +5°C

Maximum Volume Protected 1.7m³ 3.4m³ 6.8m³ 10.2m³
Operating Pressure/Temp 12 bar @ 20°C 12 bar @ 20°C 12 bar @ 20°C 12 bar @ 20°C